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The refractive surgery conceives the objective to permit to persons wearing glasses or lenses to free of this kind of optical correction. It is the dynamic as well as fascinating ophthalmological sub-speciality integrating the laser surgery, clear lensectomy (equivalent of cataract surgery) and the refractive implants (implantable contact lenses), which aims to offer to patients to see without spectacles or lenses.

It is situated in the intersection of numerous scientific subjects and calls for sophisticated technologies and become at the same time accessible and comforting to most of patients.

Refractive surgery

The surgical correction of visual troubles gives rise of growing interest but also a great number of questions, particularly for eventual candidates of such ocular surgery.
What is the surgery of myopia? Should we operate the astigmatism, the presbyopia? What is the technology of LASIK? Which are the contra-indications for this kind of eye’s operations? Etc. Do not hesitate to put all your questions during the consultation with Doctor Schlegel.

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