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Thanks to the laser beam, the Lasik technology permits to sculpt the cornea in order to correct the visual troubles. This most recent lamellar technology becomes the reference of treatment of the majority of myopia, astigmatism and hyperopia. In comparison to the PRK (Photo-Refractive Keratectomy), the lasik offers almost immediate and painless recovery, and the absence of corneal healing phenomenon post surgery.



This technology, the most simple from a technological point of view, was the most administered at the beginning of 90-ies, however it induces 2 days post surgery pain with the visual recovery only after 3 to 6 days.


Femtosecond Laser

Thanks to its extraordinary precision, its comfort and demonstrated security, the femtosecond laser that can cut the corneal flap without the cutting instrument (microkeratome), this technology becames today the first choice of laser refractive surgery (Femto-Lasik). The femtosecond laser enables also to extend the surgery indications, difficult to treat with conventional laser, by a program of tissue economy permitting to deepen the cornea of 25 to 30% less than with the classical laser.

Femtosecond laser

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